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The Old Boys Club

Welcome to the Old Boys Club

we are a bespoke tattoo parlor catering to the discerning client. Our goal is to work with our clients to achieve results that we as a shop are proud to do and you as a client will be proud to make a part of you.

the old boys club  enjoys doing a wide variety of styles and we are here to aid you in your acquisition of a fine tattoo.

 please feel free to contact us by e-mail or stop by the shop.  

we also offer laser tattoo removal to assist in the undoing of past indiscretions allowing you to evolve.

the old boys club will be hosting many great guest artists that bring with them unique styles and subject matter. most of the guest artists will be working by appointment so they can better serve their clients while they are with us.

 if you see an up-coming guest that you would like to get work by, please contact us as soon as. our guest will have a limited number of appointments and we prefer to have all of the consults and prep-work done before they arrive enabling them to  be prepared with the completed designs ready for your appointment.

the old boys club chose innerleithen because of its calm beautiful nature and friendly people. we are easily accessible and the village has ample free parking. there are many attractions, accommodations, nice shops and great food. Come spend the day or the weekend and enjoy the great hikes and bike-rides.  

we hope to see you at the old boys club.



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